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Hanson Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Where Fun, Play, Fantasy And Exercise Come Together To Create The Ideal Learning Centre!.

History Hands-On

Much of Robins art work is recording local history. Play in the fort and relive the days of old when both the French and British lived in the area

Art Classes

When children visit inside the gallery they are given paper and markers to do their own creative art program. This is very popular and fun!

Fantasy & Imagination

are featured in many of the exhibits . Unicorn , dragon ,alien, troll ,dinosaur ,mermaid and a host of fantasy creations helps stir the fun within


Many guests come and just walk the garden for exercise, play and exercise go together and are reflected in the visitors' laughter


The french lake theatre, features local performances . The theatre is outdoors and children and adults often put on impromptu performances.


the art gallery and sculpture garden are in a natural setting featuring natural plants and fauna . Bird watching is very popular

Environmental Changes

The planet is heating up and weather extremes are becoming normal. The sculpture garden and art gallery have been flooded twice in 4 years


The sculpture garden has a giant chess set, children let their imagination flourish as they are allowed to play on most of the sculpture exhibits. Exercise here is fun!

Geology & Mother Earth

The big granite boulders found in the sculpture garden were deposited here 10 to 70 thousand years ago by the movement of glaciers . Boulders moved great distances; up to 100 kilometers

Local History

Robin loves history and especially local history . Art tells the story . Paintings of the battle of French lake ,the war of 1812 , first nations life before and after European contact ,sculptures of important people ,local events ,historical buildings and people . Robin has a passion to preserve local history and relate it to national or international events

Scavenger Hunts

Are featured in many of the exhibits. Unicorn, Dragon, Alien, troll, dinosaur, mermaid and a host of fantasy creations helps stir the fun within

Art Styles

Robin Hanson is a gifted artist, and it shows in the many different styles that he has successfully mastered. There is not a style that robin has not mastered. He loves the challenges of different art styles and different mediums. His sculpture material ranges from many types of wood, concrete, epoxy and fiberglass, clay and bronze. His sculptures take many forms and subjects. From Bronze sculptures of prime minister to abstract art forms to fantasy, to relief carvings, wild animals, historical characters, granite rock carvings, fish, structures, birds, interactive play areas and landscaping. If one visits the Hanson Art Gallery one would see about two hundred paintings, and one might comment “THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT ARTISTS FEATURED HERE WITH MANY DIFFERENT STYLES.” However, all the paintings are Robins. Robin says it's his journey to learn art and master it all. There is nothing boring about a visit to the Hanson art gallery. Every painting has a story with it - come and enjoy

About The Artist

Robin Hanson has been referred to as a “Renaissance” man, skilled as a painter, sculptor, photographer and writer. If one were to visit Robin’s studio in the Hanson Art Gallery, one would think that there must be at least a dozen different artists exhibiting their work. He has been inspired by history, rare beauty, exploration of the mind or just the fun in painting, which is what makes Robin’s artwork very exceptional.

The Sculpture Garden is open daily from day break until dusk. The Art Gallery is open daily from 1 to 4 pm. Closed on Monday.

39 Morrow Road, French Lake, NB E2V 4G9

South of Fredericton 30 minutes.
South of Oromocto 17 minutes.

Experience the Adventure

39 Morrow Road, French Lake, New Brunswick E2V 4G9

Just 17 minutes from Oromocto, or 30 minutes from Fredericton

Phone: 506.461.4223

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